Pasta Baronia

The unique taste of Pasta Baronia comes from the fruitful land and the work of skillful pasta makers. Baronia is the inland Carlioni Region located on the slopes of Apennine Mountains. Baronia is a natural crossroad, between the culture of wheat and delicious pasta. Baronia is Italy’s largest and most prestigious granary.

Here, in Baronìa, wheat has been an important resource over the centuries, generating a farming alimentary tradition which has been handed down from generation to generation to become culture. The aim of the De Matteis and Grillo families is to re launch antique grinding tradition and pasta production. This dream came true in 1993, when a production of top quality pasta was launched.

This is a precious guarantee for the customers and consumers because it makes it possible to trace anything between a single packet of pasta and a whole batch of ground wheat to produce flour, enabling the absolute control of the whole production process, starting from the raw material.

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  • “Catherine Group” Co. Ltd., feeling that the success in business creates also high responsibility towards the residents of the community, where it mainly functions, since 2000, has been actively involved in charity. read more »
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  • “Catherine” Charity Organization organizes New Year Events in the kinder gardens of the Community. Realizing the importance of education for young generation,... read more »
  • “Catherine” Charity Organization supports municipal authorities of Qanaker-Zeytun Community with the improvement of yard areas and playgrounds. read more »
  • Every year on June 1, International Children's Day, in all 15 pre-school institutions of the administrative district Qanaker-Zeytun funny events with clowns and fairytale heroes are organized, children are presented with gifts. read more »
  • Seeking to make summer evenings funnier and nice for elderly people of Community, "Catherine" Charity Organization organized a competition of backgammon in 16 yards of the administrative district Qanaker-Zeytun. read more »
  • Every year on May 9, Victory Day of World War II, “Catherine” Charity Organization put a wreath at the Cenotaph in tribute of gratitude and respect to the heroes of nation. read more »
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